This is a cooking - restaurant in Osaka Shinsaibashi . We accept banquets , private bookings .

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Osaka cuisine

We have some special courses as well as dishes a la carte.
We usually have about 150 dishes,
sometimes with a bit of French or Chinese influence.

Omakase special course (without tax)

*¥8,000 course
(7 dishes , rice or noodle and dessert)
*¥10,000 course
(8 dishes , rice or noodle and dessert)
*¥13,000 course
(8 dishes , rice or noodle and dessert)

*Chef's special course
from ¥25,000 at the market price
                               (includes servise fee and tax)
Chef's special course is full course with
the seasonal high quality ingredients.
     →This course needs resevation until the noon the
         day before you're coming.
If you have any request about ingredients
and the price ,please let us know by phone call or E-mail and also if there are anything you can not eat or are
allergic to.

*If it's by E-mail, our relpy can be late.... Thank you for understanding.

◎Cancellation Policy
If you cancell on that day, you pay meal fee 100%
If you cancell one day before,
                                      you pay meal fee 80%
If you cancell more than 3days prior,
                                      you pay meal fee 50%

*However, Wednesday and Sunday are
         not included in the number of days.



Hot Pot course in summer (July to October)

・Pike eel hot pot
・Sea-bream hot pot

(Shabu-Shabu style: Fish and vegitables self boiled,
swirled and dipped in specially seasoned sauces)

Hot Pot in winter (from October)

・blowfish hot pot with Ponze
・Crab hot pot
・Other fish hot pot
・Mixed foods hot pot
・Duck hot pot

Nothing goes better with a hot pot on a cold winter
night that hot sake!
Reservations and inquiries